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Adjustable Nail Free Lid Holder

Adjustable Nail Free Lid Holder

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No Drills! No Holes!
With Non-Track Stickers, these Lid Holders are Free To Adjust & Removable all the time!

Easy Installation! Simple steps to stick on wall without damages.
Freely Adjust to Fit Different Lids!

Designed in a collapsible style for saving space, allow you to freely adjust the distance!

Whether it's a small lid or a large lid, don’t have to worry about not being able to fit!

Not only storing all sizes of lids, but also kitchenwares and utensils!

No Damage & Mess!

 Can be used in any smooth surface, and won’t damage the wall surface, will not leave trace on wall.
Easily carry 44 pounds!
No Drilling Holes & Never Tearing Off! 

Made of Eco-friendly ABS, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, smooth edge without burr.

Material: ABS
Folded Size: 6.8 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches; 
Expanded Size: about 10.7 x 8.4 x 2.4 inches. 

1 X Adjustable Nail Free Lid Holder